Chocolate Einstein



Hi there, I'm Nick & this is my label Chocolate Einstein.

I would describe myself as a very big kid at heart. I'm energetic, inquisitive & love having fun. I love to paint, be it any scale! I work in a vast & vivid colour palette incorporating asymmetric & geometric shapes & symbols. My painting is something that takes very little planning or contemplation, it's something that comes very naturally to me.

Originally  I was curious to see how my artwork would look as fabric yardage - & so began the journey & process of creating Chocolate Einstein my children's wear label. I want children to be able to look unique, be playful & feel comfortable. Art that serves a practical purpose!

As Chocolate Einstein begins so too does another amazing chapter in my life, the welcoming of our baby girl into the world. What perfect timing!

I'm always open to new ideas so please feel free to contact me here or via my Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr pages. I will be sure to get back to you. Enjoy the store!

Love Chocolate Einstein x